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[su] ruby + sapphire dividers by s-tevenquartz [su] ruby + sapphire dividers by s-tevenquartz
Dont hurt her! by YulizieLove
Both: If your evil and your on the rise
you can count on the 2 of us taking you down
cuz we're good and evil never beats us!
We'll win the fight and go on Deviantart!
We are the crystal baes
We never are afraid
And if you think so
We fight against evil,
That's why the gems of homeworld believe in
Amber Tourmaline and Indicolite!

Amber: If you could only know...
what we really are!
When we were made to serve...
in the galaxy so far...
We were given tasks to complete without choice...
And if we obey we could gain more right...
We could gain more right!!!

Indicolite: I will fight for the place where I see peace and harmony!!
Amber: I will fight for the world where I find everybody makes their own choices!
Both: We will fight for the world where we live... and happiness and everywhere we go...
and live to our expectations as gems from the faraway homeworld!

Both: The odds are against us... we can't get away from orders and demands...
But we...
We are the crystal baes
We never are afraid
And if you think so
We fight against evil,
That's why the gems of homeworld believe in
Amber Tourmaline and Indicolite!
A collab with my BAE :iconyulizielove:
She did the beautiful lower half of the chorus and I did the rest <3
It was all her idea though... she is amazing

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Please pay for Commissions in here xox

Have some Lapidot...
I would like core and to get Djmusicandcartoons core <3

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Artist | Student | Digital Art
New Zealand
Jess| :female: by admx|Potterhead| Flag of New Zealand by EmilyStor3|Steven Universe|MLP|
In the daytime I'm Jessica a normal girl with a normal life... (Not really Dx)

Welcome to my Deviantart page!

Ask me about art trades by WizzDono Requests are for friends only by WizzDono Point commissions are closed by WizzDono
CuteVioletPlz by SimplySilent CuteBluePlz by SimplySilent CutePinkPlz by SimplySilent CuteVioletPlz by SimplySilent CuteBluePlz by SimplySilent CutePinkPlz by SimplySilent CuteVioletPlz by SimplySilent CuteBluePlz by SimplySilent CutePinkPlz by SimplySilent CuteVioletPlz by SimplySilent
Thanks for stopping by on my page...
I'm Jessica a muggle behind a screen. I love to draw but I'm just learning how to do digital art at the moment and I'm also trying to find my style... And I love My Smol Gay Rocks! No need to thank me for the watch fav or llama! You guys deserve them all! I love to make friends so talk to me! I'll reply to you ASAP!

If you would really like to thank me for the llamas etc .. you could give me a llama back or something... or a watch but you don't have too!
If you also haven't realised... I don't log out so if you think I am online but I don't reply to you... that's probably why....

My Beautiful BAE
:iconyulizielove: I don't know where to start... You are absolutely amazing and perfect in every way to me! You are so kind and your art is absolutely adorable! You are so great with words as well, your words touch my heart! You brighten my days! I love you so much My Amber <3
Pink Friend by YuikoHeartlessPeople you should check out... they are all super nice! I love all of them!
:iconyulizielove: :iconcolorfulkitten: :iconphoenix-drop: :iconjeanify: :iconnorthernlights8::iconinkmage07::iconpurpleblastartist::iconrainbowsinreality::iconxxmlprainbowheartxx: :iconmlpbffpink: :iconbunnylove5421: :iconprincessblueyshine::iconsunsetsparkle129: :iconstarburstponeart: :iconmlploverdash:
IRL Friends :iconmremily9::iconkiyokoluk: :iconrandompegasuslover:
Some of my friends aren't on here yet... I will add you shortly after we talk more and I get to know you better.... Sorry Dx

Ambicolite (My Gemsona and my BAE YulizieLove gemsona...) It is just made to be.. they are Best Friends... you can find them in my gallery under Indicolite... and Amber Tourmaline
Rupphire (Garnet) Just too gay and cute :3
Lapidot Meep Morp... Yepp
Stevonnie They are just right!
Soarindash Just Perfect

[AT] Gradient Breeze by NorthernLights8


I have camp tomorrow till Friday Dx It's school camp
Opal Doodle
I was bored and I had a picture of Opal in front of me so I doodled her ;P
It looks weird but I'll improve!
Still have so much to draw!!!
Tagged by: StarburstPoneArt  GIF Steven Universe - Smol... 
-You must tag at least 13 people!Pearl Wants Hugs 

-Tag backs are allowed! GIF Steven Universe - So Cute! 

-Answer my questions and ask 13 more! GIF Steven Universe - Smoky Quartz 

Questions from tagger GIF Steven Universe - It is I! Let the emote spam beginSteven Universe - Ruby (freaking out) 

1. where do you live ? (i know creepy XD)
New Zealand

2. do you have any powers ;333
I wish I were a gem... I have a head cannon that I am a witch in disguise that isn't allowed to go to Hogwarts lol

3. what do you think of YOUR art ?
I don't know not very highly... I do traditional much better... I should really start posting...

4. how's life treating you ?
Okay... school starts next week and we get sorted into our houses for the next five years... and there are a few houses I really don't want to be in

5. would you meet me IRL ?
Ummm... I don't know... maybe.. maybe not... I must conceal my secret identity.... (read 2)

6. do you watch MLP:FIM ?
Yes! Well I kinda stopped recently because I've been addicted to Steven Universe (Which you should watch if you haven't already) The fandom is quite toxic though... Shipping wars (You can ask me where I side but there are ships I really hope don't happen but might according to youtube Dx) and such... I'm rambling lol
.:Smol Peri Free Icon:. .:Lapis Free icon:. 

7. *insert lenny face here*
sour cream lenny face Does Baby Sour Cream count lol

8. o
Ruby O O O Sapphire OOO OTP O
I don't even know... don't stare at it too long...

9. what do you draw with ? (as in what programs)
Medibang Paint Pro
It's FREEEEE GarnetLA PearlLA AmethystLA 

10. are you fancy : D
I don't know!!!! I like to dress fancy but idk Steven Quartz Universe Emote 2 

11. what are you doing right now ( don't say 'making a journal' )
Ummmmmmmmmmmm*awkward silence intensifies* 
I won't tell you the time... 

12. do you have a senpai ? La la la la
My beautiful bae YulizieLove Pearl when Steven Finally Dies. Hugz to you My JuliethSteven Universe - Sapphire and Ruby (dancing) 
And Best bud Bob colorfulkitten  GIF Steven Universe - Lapis Laugh 

13. ok bye
Bye Steven Amethyst dance icon 

My Questions

1. Do you like doing these tag backs?
2. How are you?
3. What time is it where you live?
4. Do you watch Steven Universe? If not  you shouldSteven Universe - Boop! 
5. Are you in Summer/Winter break? (If you go to school still)
6. Which of these emotes to you like the best and answer with it
STEVEN UNIVERSE INTENSIFIES GIF Steven Universe - Flush! GIF Steven Universe - This face... Completely random lol
Which of these emotes to you like the best and answer with it (I've given up on coming up with questions xD)
GIF Steven Universe - *fish noises* GIF Steven Universe - Facebowl Steven Universe - Facepie 
8. Which of these emotes to you like the best and answer with it (As you can see I will probably just be doing these now I'm sorry xD)
GIF Steven Universe - Wink GIF Steven Universe - Lion in a box GIF Steven Universe - Gasp! 
As you can see I am randomly doing this lol
Which of these emotes to you like the best and answer with it 
Pearl Emote 2 Steven Quartz Universe Emote 9 GIF Steven Universe - Smol Slaps 
10. Which of these emotes to you like the best and answer with it 
Steven Quartz Universe Emote 2 Rose Quartz Emote 2 GIF Steven Universe - It is I! 
11. Which of these emotes to you like the best and answer with it 
graceful steven Gif Steven Universe: Crying Lars GIF Steven Universe - Thumbs Up 
12. Which of these emotes to you like the best and answer with it 
GIF Steven Universe - Well yes... steven universe, the one and only Amethyst Emote 1 
13. Which of these emotes to you like the best and answer with it 
Pearl Emote 18 Pearl Emote 37 Past Amethyst Emote 4 
Finally done lol Past Garnet Emote 1 

I tag
YulizieLove Goop Hug - steven universe colorfulkittenSteven and Connie Emote 1  MrEmily9 Phoenix-Drop Jeanify mlpBFFpink kiyokoluk MLPloverDash StarburstPoneArt Pearl Emote 37RandomPegasusLover PurpleBlastArtist bunnylove5421 princessblueyshine xXMLPRainbowHeartXx 
Steven hug Icon Hugz to all of you for good luck with this tag Steven's ultimate attack Icon 
AHHHHGIF Steven Universe - PRAISE ME!! So hard to tag peopleGIF Steven Universe - PRAISE ME!! GIF Steven Universe - PRAISE ME!! GIF Steven Universe - PRAISE ME!! 
Have fun answering my questions lol
And whoever wants to do it go ahead.... no one is stopping you...Rose Quartz Emote 2 

Credit goes to whoever made these emotes Pearl Emote 2 

NOT GIF Steven Universe - Little happy slice of pi The smol green dorito is too cute for its own goodperidot 

My questions are amazing.... Rose Quartz Emote 5 

THESE EMOTES ARE AMAZING Quit Hitting Yourself - Steven Universe 

  • Listening to: Adventure Time
  • Reading: The spam I wrote
  • Watching: Adventure Time


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:heart: I'm always characterized with Pearl, indeed she and I are as one. :heart:
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